Monday, June 1, 2009

About: DBMS Musings Blog

I've been inspired by Joe Hellerstein's blog, James Hamilton's blog, and Curt Monash's blog, and have decided to start one of my own. The goal of this blog is to:

(1) Describe some of my research in small, easy to digest entries (as an alternative to some of the more in-depth research papers that I write).

(2) Present my views on various developments in the DBMS field, both in research and in industry. My particular areas of expertise are in data warehousing/analytics, parallel databases, and cloud computing. I wrote my PhD dissertation on query execution in column-store databases and I'm reasonably knowledgeable about the commercial products in this space, including Calpont, Exasol, Infobright, Kickfire, ParAccel, Sensage, Sybase IQ, and Vertica. Due to my research history with column-stores, my bias is probably a little bit in their favor, but there are also some non-column-oriented products in the same data analytics space, such as Aster Data, Dataupia, DB2, Exadata, Greenplum, Kognitio, Microsoft's Project Madison, NeoView, Netezza, Teradata that have interesting approaches to database management and will receive some attention in this blog.

(3) Comment on and recommend some papers that I read over the course of my everyday activities as a DBMS researcher at Yale University.


  1. Welcome to the bazaar, Daniel! Prepare for the bizarre ;-) Will be reading with interest.

  2. Oh ... that sounded like a threat! I will try not too be bizarre (or no more than usual)